How to build user-friendly, stunning, and attractive online stores? Here are 3 tips to help ensure ecommerce websites get up and run the right way!


Whether big or small business, ecommerce website building is a must for your company.

With the digitalization, buyers prefer to shop online more than they want to visit physical stores. Thus, it is a necessity for businesses today to consider going online and be there where their customers are.


There are millions of ecommerce websites today, and standing out from the crowd is essential if you want to get traffic on your website, increase sales, and maximize the profit. Believe it or not, there are 3 things you can do to make your ecommerce website look more user-friendly.


How to Build User-Friendly & Stunning Ecommerce Websites

Here is how to build your ecommerce website with modern design and customer experience in mind:


  • Choose the right template: Popular and successful ecommerce websites have two things in common – great user experience and great design. As long as you keep these things in mind, you will be able to choose the right template and hopefully build the online store of your dreams. Shopify ecommerce website builder offers hundreds of professionally designed templates (free and premium) that are highly customizable and responsive.
  • Make receiving orders and taking payments processes simple: One of the quickest reason for someone to leave your ecommerce website is if you don’t take credit card payments. We will mention the Shopify platform again. Not only does Shopify websites builder offers an easy way for you to build your own ecommerce site, but it also provides its users with a list of payment methods available. The best method to recommend you is Shopify Payments. As long as you make receiving orders and taking payments processes easy and simple, you can expect more customers and more sales.
  • Showcase your product offering the right way: Your customers need to know that you are a credible and professional business. Make sure your products are described properly in a way that makes sense to search engines and your target audience, hire an SEO writer to ensure the content is unique, and invest in professional photography to make sure your product images look perfect.


Shopify ecommerce website builder can help you get started with your ecommerce website project. Choose a template, add products, choose payment solutions, and get ready to start selling online.